The new German whiskey with the poetry of the old plum.

A breakthrough for our distillers: after patiently allowing it to mature for long years, it’s finally here – Freud, the new German whisky with that certain everything. The name pays homage to our homeland and to the poetry of Ziegler’s Alte Zwetschge fruit brandy – the alchemical detail that makes Freud so precious to the whisky world.

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The new malt whiskey from Freudenberg matures for at least five years in chestnut and ex-bourbon barrels - then comes the highlight: Before bottling, Freud receives the noble flavor nuances in barrels of our fruit brandy icon Alte Zwetschge, which puts it on a level of its own. With 41.5% alcohol, partly nutty, partly sweet-fruity accents, the Freud "Distillers Cut" is complex and yet accessible. Pure. As a digestif. As a noble ingredient in cocktails. Two opposing qualities in one whiskey, that's new. With Freud we are enriching the map of "New World Whiskeys" with a new cosmopolitan. Our promise: Freud is not a copy, not a quote, but a genuine original. We're burning. Since 1865.

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