Old Plum

“Alte Zwetschge” means “Old Plum”, but the plums that became this golden elixir were not old. We call it “Old Plum” because the fruit brandy is patiently aged for up to five years in wooden barrels made of chestnut or oak. The resulting flavour is reminiscent of oranges, chestnuts and cinnamon.

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Sensory qualities: Aged in wooden barrels, very well-balanced aromas of fruits and wood, long-lasting, slightly oily finish.

Type of fruit: plum, large stone fruit
Origin: Lower Franconia (Germany)
Harvest: middle / end of September
Fruit per bottle (50cl / 300cl): 11kg / 66kg
Storage: oak/chestnut barrels
Alcohol Volume: 43% VOL  
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

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