Old Apple

Our Alter Apfel comes from the Altes Land south of Hamburg. Ten million fruit trees grow there, including some old varieties, from which we make our well-composed cuvée. Grafensteiner, Cox Orange and Elstar get along very well. Precisely because the meeting of the three is complex, more depth and thus more tension is created.

 ISW Gold 2022 ISW Gold 2021

Sensory qualities: Aged in wooden barrels, bold and rich, crisp, compact and full-bodied, luscious apple and well-balanced woody notes.

Type of fruit: Gravensteiner, Cox Orange and Elstar apples; pome fruits
Origin: Altes Land, Northern Germany
Harvest: end of October / November
Fruit per bottle (50cl / 300cl): 11 kg / 66 kg
Storage: oak/chestnut barrels
Alcohol Volume: 43% VOL  
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C


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