Is the Marille the diva of apricots? Absolutely! This fruit is very hard to come by. The best Marille varieties grow in Styria and Wachau, Austria. The trees bloom before all other apricot varieties, which can expose the blossoms and young fruits to dangerously frosty nights that can ruin an entire harvest. This makes the Marille a rare and coveted fruit.

Sensory qualities: Expressive, fruity notes, long lasting, intense yet delicate, finely fruity aroma.

Type of fruit: Marille (apricot)
Origin: Styria (Austria), Wachau (Austria)
Harvest: Beginning of July
Fruit per bottle (50cl / 300cl): 15 kg / 90 kg
Alcohol content: 43 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

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