No.1 Wild Cherry

For our number one, we arranged a win-win-situation between Ziegler and our cone pickers. Yes, you read that right: Our wild cherries are collected by cone pickers in southern Germany. They need the cherry pits to secure their livelihood - and we need the sweet cherries, which we distil and age for five years to create the world’s best wild cherry brandy.  

ISW Gold 2023  ISW Gold 2022 ISW Gold 2021

Sensory qualities: Very expressive and elegant, vivacious, refined, accompanied by a tart, bitter note. Strong cherry notes, delicately fruity, firnig.

Type of fruit: wild cherry, small stone fruit
Origin: southern Germany
Harvest: end of June
Fruit per bottle (50cl / 300cl): 11 kg / 66 kg
Alcohol content: 43 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C 

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