No. 1 Wild Cherry

For our No. XNUMX, we arranged a win-win-situation between Ziegler and our cone pickers. Yes, you read that right: Our wild cherries are collected by cone pickers in southern Germany. They need the cherry pits to secure their livelihood - and we need the sweet cherries, which we distil and age for five years to create the world’s best wild cherry brandy. 

ISW Gold 2021


Sensory qualities: Very expressive and elegant, vivacious, refined, accompanied by a tart, bitter note. Strong cherry notes, delicately fruity, firnig.

Type of fruit: wild cherry, small stone fruit
Origin: southern Germany
Harvest: end of June
Fruit content per bottle (50cl): 11kg
Alcohol content: 43 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C 

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