Sour Cherry

The sour cherry brandy separates the wheat from the chaff or - in our case - the stones or seeds from the pulp that is valuable to us. This is where - drum roll - a huge sieve drum comes into play, which everything happens. Then the stones stay in the drum and the pure cherry is fermented. In the end, there is less bitter almond and significantly more cherry on the palate. 

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Sensory properties: Balanced, natural freshness, full-bodied, expressive fruit note, pleasantly lingering.

Type of fruit: sour cherry, small stone fruit
Origin: Swabia (D), Rheingau (D), Burgenland (A)
Harvest: Beginning of July
Fruit per bottle (50cl / 300cl): 11 kg / 66 kg
Alcohol Volume: 43% VOL
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C


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