Zeitgeist Flora

It's time for an aperitif made in Germany!
scusi? Pardon? I'm sorry, what?! Aperi what? I agree?
Our country has much more to offer than hops, malt and grapes:
Cherry. apple blossom. gooseberry. marigold.
Directly from the wild meadows of the republic: untouched, pure, grown wild.
Experience perhaps the most exciting combination of local ingredients:

Ziegler Zeitgeist Flora.
The world's first wild meadow aperitif.

Fizzz Newcomer Award 2022


Sensory: Fruity-floral, sour berries, balanced bitter notes, floral aftertaste, herbaceous depth.

Raw material: berries, blossoms, herbs, roots
Origin: southern Germany
Alcohol content: 15 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: Ice cold, mixing ratio 1:3 with soda, sparkling wine or tonic

Our liqueurs are natural products. For optimal enjoyment, they should be consumed within one year after opening the bottle.


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