Zeitgeist Flora Zero

3, 2, 1...ZERO! You'll soon be able to hold the rocket of aperitifs in your hands. Zero alcohol. Zero compromises on taste. Zero reasons not to try it.

Now you can easily enjoy an alcohol-free aperitif made in Germany. The most exciting combination of local ingredients: cherry, apple blossom, gooseberry, marigold. Fruity, bitter, unique.

Ziegler Zeitgeist Flora Zero.
The world's first non-alcoholic wild meadow aperitif.


Sensory: Fruity-floral, velvety berry notes, balanced bitterness, floral bouquet, herbal finish.

Raw materials: cherry, apple blossom, gooseberry, marigold, dealcoholized wine, grape must concentrate 
Fruit Origin: Southern Germany
Alcohol volume: <0,5% VOL

Serving temperature: Ice cold, mix ratio 1:3 with soda, tonic or grapefruit lemonade.

This drink is a natural product and for optimal enjoyment it should be consumed within one year of opening.


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