Freud Whiskey Distillers Decade

For the first twelve months, this whiskey matured in barrels made from local Spessart oak and German chestnut. Then he got his character! He spent another nine years in noble bourbon casks with the traditional "Alligator Char". The climate around the Ziegler barrel store, directly on the banks of the Main, gives the whiskey its powerful expression. The single malt gets its characteristic Freud whiskey aroma from the rounding off in Ziegler old plum barrels.

Sensory: Dried fruits, dark chocolate, ripe lemon notes, creamy smoothness, roasted malt, freshly cut oak, yellow fruits, strong attack, mature body, vanilla forest honey, elegant, smooth finish

Ingredient: summer barley malt (Catamaran type)
Origin: Franconia (Germany)
Destillation: pot still
Storage: chestnut barrels and casks that formerly held Bourbon whisky, sherry or Ziegler Alte Zwetschge fruit brandy
Alcohol content: 43,0 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

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