Forest Raspberry

Waldhimbeere means “Forest Raspberry”, but we affectionately call it “Himbi”. When we say “forest”, we mean “grown in the wild” rather than plucked in the woods. This is not the raspberry equivalent of the wild strawberries that we distil into our spirits. These raspberries grow blissfully in the wild around Lake Balaton in Hungary, where they are picked by hand. 

ISW Gold 2022
Fruit spirit of the year 2022
ISW Gold 2021 Fruit spirit of the year 2021

Sensory qualities: Lingering and fruity, smooth and mellow, intensely aromatic berry notes.

Types of fruit: wild raspberries, berry fruit
Origin of fruit: Lake Balaton (Hungary)
Harvest: end of August
Alcohol content: 43 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C


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