No.1 Wild Cherry Liqueur

Secretive cone pickers harvest the local wild cherries that we transform into Ziegler’s liqueur. Equipped with ropes, throwing lines and sometimes also crampons, the pickers shoulder their sacks to pick wild cherries throughout southern Germany. We distil our No. XNUMX Wild Cherry fruit liqueur from these special fruits, which are the finest basis for the eponymous liqueur. 

Fruit liqueur of the year 2023

ISW Gold 2022  ISW Silver 2022 ISW Gold 2021

Sensory qualities: Perfect wild cherry flavour, fully ripened and pronounced, very long-lasting finish, fruity and fresh.

Type of fruit: wild cherry, small stone fruit
Origin: southern Germany
Alcohol content: 18 VOL.-%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

Our liqueurs are natural products. For optimal enjoyment, they should be consumed within one year after opening the bottle.


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